Boil up perfection

It’s simple when you know how. Discover the steps to serve up perfectly boiled white rice, effortlessly.

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Rice skills, tips, and tricks
Revel in the process


Discover the tricks and turn your rice dishes into everyday extraordinary. 


How to cook rice: master the cooking methods 

Rice can be cooked in many ways and methods can vary depending on what kind you use. But while cooking rice is not always straightforward, when done right you reap the rewards.  Beautifully boiled rice is great for soaking up a sauce and complimenting the flavours of your cooking, no matter what you are dishing up for the day. Learn how to boil up rice to perfection.  

Cook a world of rice 

What is on the menu? Are you looking to create greatness from basmati, jasmine, brown, risotto, sushi, or long grain rice? There is a whole world of rice types out there, and each behaves and tastes slightly different. Cooking risotto rice is something completely different from your classic parboiled rice. Not to mention all the others. 

How long the rice should simmer can vary a lot depending on what type of rice you are cooking and which cook you consult. For most purposes, stick with a good ol’ regular pot and follow our essential rice cooking methods. 

The two essential tricks to perfectly boiled rice 

There are a number of ways to cook rice and make different versions of boiled rice, such as pilau rice. But to master rice cooking in any form or flavour, first learn the essential skills. Here are two of our favourite ways to cook rice to perfection: 

1: Soak and cook like pasta

While this particular method requires a little more patience and care than usual, the ultimate result is worth it.

To bring out the flavours of the rice and for quicker cooking, wash the rice several times and soak it in water for 30 minutes and then drain it. By doing this, you elevate the flavour and the structure of the rice. 

Now you are ready to boil. Use plenty of water, around 2-3 liters. Add the rice to the boiling water and cook for 5-6 minutes. It is basically the same way you cook pasta. When the time is up, drain the rice in a sieve and toss it straight back into the pot and put a lid on for 5-10 minutes. Keep that lid on, cook – don’t let out the steam. Add a final stroke of genius before serving by crowning your cooked rice with a little Lurpak®. Fluff the rice with a fork in the pot and let the melting butter add to a loose and light texture.

Method 2: The fast and fantastic 

Not up for soaking the rice and waiting, cook? While there are benefits to that method, you can still easily cook rice another way. Get out your trusted pot, measure the water for the rice using the water-to-rice ratio and bring it to a boil like a lively bubble bath. Then toss in your rice and some salt, cover and reduce the heat.

Then it is as simple as letting the rice simmer under the lid for 10 minutes and letting it rest off of the heat for another 10 minutes. Just don’t lift that lid and lose the steam.

Both these methods can help you successfully cook rice, so it is really just up to you, cook. Are you sticking with the standard, or do you want to try a new method? Know the essential tips, stay curious and let your joy of cooking lead you to new lesser-travelled paths.

Use the ideal water-to-rice ratio 

For most types of rice, stick with a water-to-rice ratio of 2:1. This simple principle will translate into 200ml water for 100ml rice. When cooked, raw rice will expand into twice the size, so you would get 200ml of boiled rice from this example. 

What is the perfect amount of rice to serve? 

Having the right amount of rice for your meal is naturally important. We recommend a serving size of 50-75ml of uncooked rice per person. 

Bring your joy of cooking into the limelight 

When you have mastered the essentials of cooking rice, move on to experiment with different types of rice and flavours to put your mark on the dish. Discover what a few twists or additions here and there can do for your cooking and, with a little Lurpak®, you can honour every grain.