Bring forth creamy risotto


Become the champion of a hearty, crowd-pleasingly creamy risotto, every time.

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Rice skills, tips, and tricks
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Discover the tricks and turn your rice dishes into everyday extraordinary. 


How to make creamy risotto 

A secret to cooking creamy risotto is knowing how to release the starch from the rice. Once you master this, you master the first essential for creating a creamy, and not lumpy, risotto.  Give love and attention to the process and your risotto will reward you.

This is what you do: Grab your pot, and mix the butter and rice together at very low heat, so you do not brown the rice. Browning the rice will lock in the starch, which is what you want to avoid here. Now add your favourite spices, experiment with different ingredients, and bring out taste, like only you can, cook.

Keep stirring, cook

When you have successfully combined your rice, butter and spices, it is time to add your stock and activate your stirring skills. Cooking up creamy risotto means staying alert and never leaving your gently bubbling risotto. The 18-20 minutes it takes for the rice to absorb the liquid is the 18-20 minutes that makes the difference.

Add the stock little by little and only when your previous addition has been almost completely absorbed. Then keep stirring. Keep your eye on it. Never leave the risotto while cooking. Stay by the stove, stir slowly, stay confident.

Add butter. Add more creaminess.  

If you are going for extra creaminess this is your trick: add a good measure of butter in the end just before serving your risotto. A good measure of parmesan never hurts either.

Use rice suited for risotto 

Usually, you want to use short-grain rice for risotto, or one packaged specifically for the risotto dish. For the best result use Arborio, or medium-size rice Carnaroli, which stays a little firmer. If you can find it, cook, the medium grain Vialone Nano is also a recommended pick. Try them all, find your favourite and customise to your delight.