Behold light and fluffy buttercream

It’s all about temperature to perfect your buttercream

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Buttercream. The sweet topping. The literal icing on the cake. We’ve collected some of the most treasured tips and tricks to make a worthy buttercream icing. It is a matter of the right ingredients, passion, and knowing that real fluffiness comes with patience.

Buttercream is a mixture of butter and sugar that has been beaten and creamed into a fluffy icing. You use buttercream for icing, frosting, filling, and to elevate your cakes and pastries with eye-pleasing decorations. Buttercream is easy to make at home and the recipe is simple. So grab your butter, reach for the sugar and start beating up a fluffy buttercream, cook. 

Tease out the taste at room temperature 

For the best result, serve your buttercream at room temperature. If you serve it too cold, it will be less creamy and less tasty. Room temperature brings out a soft, creamy and indulgent sensation. That’s what you should go for Cook. 

How to make buttercream less sweet  

Butter and a bit of salt is important if you want to make your buttercream less sweet. One trick is to know that you can make fluffy buttercream with both salted and unsalted Lurpak® – it’s your choice. Put your mark on it, cook. If you choose to use unsalted butter in your buttercream, add a little salt when making the buttercream.  

How to make buttercream fluffy 

How to make buttercream fluffy? It starts with the butter. You need to always begin by beating the butter to a light and fluffy consistency. Use room temperature Lurpak® for the best result. Now let us build up the sweetness and creaminess by adding icing sugar. Keep beating. Grab your milk – preferably room temperature – add a bit, and keep beating until smooth. You might experience the buttercream separating slightly. No need to worry. It will eventually come together. Simply keep beating and use your senses like only you can Cook. Let your eyes take in the slight ivory colour, use your touch to feel the thickness in texture, and put it to the test – well-beaten buttercream pipes easily.  

How to make buttercream with taste

Experiment, cook, and add a tasty boost to your buttercream or icing. Throw in caramel, pour in some cooled coffee, grate a little lemon zest, or try mixing other flavours into your buttercream. Add flavours while you add the milk. Or, leave out the milk altogether if your preferred flavour is liquid like coffee, for instance.