A few tricks to mastering perfectly cooked fish with mouth-watering crispy skin.

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Fish skills, tips and tricks
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Roast, fry and cook up fish to perfection. Explore a few hints and tips for mastering perfectly cooked and delicious fish.

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How to get the perfect crispy skin on fish 

The sea delivers plenty of great cooking opportunities, and whether you bake, cook, steam or fry, fish can easily be transformed into truly good food. But to make fish with crispy skin, stick with frying and put your heart into it. Here's a few quick tricks to nail the perfect crispy skin every time.

These hints and tips will work for most fish but white fish, cod, seabass and salmon work especially well. for your crispy seafood cooking.

From basic to brilliant 

Let’s cook and transform basic to brilliant. Shake up your fried salmon or any other fish with just a few ingredients and a little Lurpak®. It starts right here, cook.

Dry it, season it, fry it 

To fry, get it dry – your fresh fish is likely wet when you unwrap it. After drying, another trick for getting crispy skin on fish is as simple as seasoning the fish with salt and pepper and letting it rest uncovered in your fridge for about 1 hour. If you skip this important step, your fish will likely steam instead of fry. Once your fish is seasoned and in the fridge, pull out your old trusted skillet and grab your Lurpak® as your not-so-secret weapon to turn simple into glorious.

Fry your way to crispy skin on salmon 

Timing is everything if you want to master the skill of getting crispy skin on salmon and cooking it to perfection. Salmon can be as fatty as the best butter. Be careful not to overcook the fish. Your goal is to serve up salmon slightly cooked in the centre and with crispy skin. In other words, soft and mellow on the inside, firm and fried on the outside. The same goes for white fish: your goal is to make the centre opaque, not entirely firm.

Time to get to the action, cook. Get the skillet smoking hot and toss a good measure of Lurpak® onto it. Warm up the butter until it is sizzling then grab your salmon and place it skin down on the heated, buttered-up skillet. Press the fish into the warm skillet for just about 10-15 seconds and let the butter work its magic on the fish. It will also help you with even cooking of the skin.

Then simply stay patient and keep your eye on the fish as it fries. Depending on the thickness of the fillet, it will take you about 4-5 minutes. The next step is to flip and fry the salmon briefly on the other side. For the perfect flip, press your spatula firmly against the skillet and slide it delicately under the fish.

When the salmon is done frying, turn off the heat, let your fried fish rest a little and then serve. Getting crispy skin on fish can be as straightforward as that. Train your technique to cooking up crispy skin on fish with a little Lurpak®.