Simple tricks to perfect your pan-fried fish

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Fish skills, tips and tricks
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Roast, fry and cook up fish to perfection. Explore a few hints and tips for mastering perfectly cooked and delicious fish.

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Fry up fabulous white fish 

Whether for simple and delicious everyday cooking, or for extraordinary weekend creations, fresh pan-fried white fish is your gateway to a world of flavourful opportunities. But to truly elevate your white fish you need to master the skill of frying it. Here’s how to go from good to glorious when it comes to frying up delicious fish.

Firstly, firm up the fish 

You want to go for crispy, so to firm up the fish, grab your salt and sprinkle it on top of the white fish fillet. Next, simply let it rest for about an hour in the fridge. The salt will help create delicious white meat with a firm consistency.

Butter it up 

Of course, we believe the secret to frying fish perfectly is a little Lurpak®. By butter basting your pan-fried fish, you achieve a delicious, crisp and golden crust. Let the butter play to its strengths in the pan and baste your fish with the mouth-watering buttery deliciousness while it cooks.

How to fry fish perfectly 

Do not go straight from the pack to the pan when frying fish. Wet fish on a pan will only leave you with steamed fish, not fried. So, wrap a kitchen towel around it and let it soak up the excess moisture.

Strap on your apron and grab your tools, cook. Get out your best and heaviest skillet. Cast-iron or stainless steel skillets are ideal for creating crispy skin. It doesn’t need to be non-stick. With some butter and some patience, you can flip the fish easily.

Now grab your spatula, turn up the heat, and drop a good measure of Lurpak® on the pan. Don’t fry the fish immediately. Wait until the butter is sizzling. Now place the fish on the pan and let the butter and heat work their magic for a few minutes.

Once browned and crispy, flip the fish with care, then grab a spoon, scoop up the tasty butter in the pan, and drizzle it repeatedly on top of the fish. Let it fry for a few minutes more and serve immediately with the richly flavoured butter from the pan drizzled on top. White fish is always best served straight from the pan.

Now for the flavour 

Now you know the technique for frying fish perfectly. Next steps? Work your magic and transform your white fish from basic to breathtaking.  How about throwing some garlic into the mix? Discover how, with just a few ingredients and a little Lurpak®, you can cook up good food.

Get inspired by your selection of fresh herbs, see what is in season, work your imagination, and discover the limitless possibilities. Cook up your own secret sauce and put your mark on every bite. Stay playful cook and enjoy the process.