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Great pasta is simple when you know how. It’s the details that make the difference.  

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Pasta skills, tips and tricks
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Pasta perfection comes with a few simple tips and tricks that can turn simple into glorious. 

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How to cook pasta: Become a master of pasta cooking   

Nail cooking pasta every single time with these essential tips and tricks that will help bring your skills to new levels.    

Your best tools for cooking pasta perfectly are your taste and your favourite large pan - every food lover knows the importance of tasting as you go to make your personal mark on good food. Allow us to introduce your game plan for how to cook pasta perfectly. 

How to boil pasta: The first step towards pasta perfection   

No need to waste oil on cooking pasta – save it for your other cooking creations. Oil doesn’t make pasta less sticky. It simply goes down the drain.     

Water, salt and, of course, timing is all you need to break the code of perfectly cooking your pasta of choice.  Don’t add salt until the water boils excessively. Feel free to be generous with the amount of salt – 10g sea salt for every litre of water is a good rule of thumb. The lively, boiling water is also your cue to add the pasta and stir around periodically to avoid the pasta sticking together. 

How much pasta per person? What is the ideal serving amount? 

The ideal amount of pasta per serving will vary by pasta type. Use this as a rule-of-thumb when it comes to pasta serving sizes:

Dry pasta 75-115g per portion, fresh pasta 115g-150g and filled pasta 175-200g per portion.

How long to cook pasta: Dry vs fresh and filled   

Pasta cooking time depends on whether your pasta is dry, fresh or filled. Getting that perfect al dente bite can take anything from a couple of minutes to 12 minutes - each specific pasta type has its ideal cooking time.  

For fresh pasta, the usual cooking time varies from 2 to 5 minutes. Filled pasta is within the same general time area as fresh pasta. When the filled pasta begins to puff up, it is your sign to pour it into the colander. Save a cup of the pasta water for later to use as a secret weapon if the mixed pasta and sauce seem too dry for you.

With a little Lurpak® and some pasta…   

….plus just a few additional ingredients you can rustle up fantastic food. Butter pasta is a simple yet indulgent dish you can easily rustle up. Cook the pasta al dente, add a little Lurpak®, generously grate some parmesan, sprinkle freshly torn basil leaves and put your love into mixing it all together. Top off your effortless masterpiece and season with salt and pepper to your tasting.

In the mood for adding garlic, fresh tomatoes or other tasty ingredients? Experiment with flavours and create your own signature pasta dish. Start working your magic, cook, strap on your apron and cook up tasty pasta dishes.